Refer A Property Around Savannah And Get $500!

Need an extra $500, here’s how!

Looking for a little extra income?
Looking for a side hustle?
Know someone who wants to sell a house?
Know someone who inherited a house they don’t want?
Abandoned or vacant house in your Savannah neighborhood?

We will pay you $500 for every house you refer to us and we end up purchasing. We are local real estate investors and we want to keep buying houses in Savannah!

Here are some tips to look for when walking around your neighborhood or driving around the city

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  • Overgrown yards- tall grass, unkept bushes, trees needing to be trimmed
  • Boarded up windows- plywood covering doors and windows
  • Evictions/citations taped to windows and doors- can easily be seen on doors and windows from the street
  • Piled up newspapers- old newspapers in the driveway or porch

How it works when you find a house in Savannah

how it works 500 dollar cash homes savannah referral we buy houses hinesville statesboro

It’s really simple. When you come across a property that fits what we are looking for (as described above) make sure to write the address down. Once you know the address of the house, give us a call at 912-421-0714 or fill out our $500 referral form (below). We then get to work. Now for the best part, if we end up purchasing a house you referred to us, you will get $500 within 48 hours after we close. That’s all there is to it so what are you waiting for?

Complete the form to start the $500 Referral Process!

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